About Wethio

This document provides a fine understanding of Wethio, its underlying technology, tutorials for developers, and how you can build solutions on Wethio.

Contribution and Rewards

157 Masternodes secure Wethio’s ecosystem. These Masternodes are basically servers that use their computing power to create and sign blocks. On making this contribution, the Masternodes become liable for rewards. Masternodes earn rewards in the form of ZYN.

To become a Masternode, the servers have to meet the minimum system requirements that cover computing power, storage, and RAM. These requirements are in place to ensure that the network is stable and easy to maintain. Additionally, a financial requirement of 17,000 ZYN is to be met before applying to become a Masternode. We have mentioned how Masternode owners can run a Masternode later in this document which you can access here.

Staking and Voting

Becoming a Masternode on Wethio ensures network security. Also, a reward program is in store for stakers and voters for their contribution.

Developer Ecosystem

Wethio’s development ecosystem is replete with essential documents and tutorials for creating Dapps. We have provided a Private Wethio Testnet guide for setting up a private Wethio testnet so developers can gain experience in working with Wethio’s source code.

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