Consensus Mechanism

Wethio incorporates Proof-of-Stake Voting, a novel consensus method that incentivizes all ZYN holders to play an active role in staking across a network of 157 Masternodes

EVM Consensus Framework

Being EVM compatible ensures that the Wethio blockchain platform follows the necessary protocols. The consensus framework is powered by a Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus mechanism which ensures that every Ethereum smart contract runs with almost instant transaction confirmation. The security of the Wethio blockchain is dependent on the 157 Masternodes.

Masternode Candidacy and Selection Criteria

To become a Masternode Candidate and get selected as Masternodes, there is a defined criterion which is as follows:

  • You first have to deposit 17,000 ZYN to become a Masternode Candidate

  • Other ZYN holders vote for Masternode Candidates

  • The candidates with most votes are selected as Masternodes

  • Block creation is done in the round-robin format and the double validation prevents collusion

  • Incentives are provided to Masternodes who finalize blocks

Accelerated Security

One of the most striking features of Wethio is that it expedites blockchain performance with the use of PoSV consensus protocol. Even at 2,000 TPS, Wethio is able to secure the network through double validation.

Double validation enhances the security of the network through provable uniform distribution decentralized randomization. It adds another trustworthy validation layer, for example, when a block is created by a Masternode, another Masternode is randomly selected to verify it before the block gets added to the blockchain.

The double validation feature associated strengthens Wethio blockchain’s security while reducing the risk of forks and nothing-at-stake attacks.

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