About Wethio Blockchain

Wethio blockchain is a public blockchain platform that caters to the needs of entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions who want to work on high-performance, feature-packed blockchain projects.


WethioScan is our dashboard that shows Wethio’s network status. The various metrics that are included in the status are the current number of masternodes, their performance, current TPS, and critical performance parameters.

WethioScan has a user-friendly interface that has an in-built detailed blockchain explorer. All the information about blocks, transactions, finality, smart contracts, Dapps, and tokens are displayed in it. The interface also shows performance analytics of Wethio blockchain, token holders, and other functionalities through technical visualizations and useful statistics.


Our decentralized application, WethioMaster, is a governance Dapp that promotes transparency by enabling users to monitor the list of Masternodes and potential Masternode candidates. Interested users can launch their bid to become a Masternode candidate, cast votes, and view Masternode performance statistics through this Dapp.


WethioWallet is a multi-purpose, official mobile wallet of Wethio. This wallet allows users to store ZYN coins issued on Wethio, vote for Masternodes, track rewards, and interact with Dapps.

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