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This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Wethio blockchain and its ecosystem

Wethio Master


Exploring WethioMaster

WethioMaster is a governance-based decentralized app (Dapp) featuring a professional UI and keeping users informed about the list of Masternodes and Masternode Candidates. Through WethioMaster, users can vote for Masternodes, check Masternode performance statistics, and deposit up to 17K ZYN to be eligible for becoming a Masternode Candidate.

How do I access WethioMaster?

You can access WethioMaster in 3 simple steps :

  1. Visit WethioMaster.

  2. Click 'Login' on the top-right corner

  3. Select your preferable way to login There are various ways to access WethioMaster, such as via WethioWallet, Ledger, Trezor, Metamask, TrustWallet, or Private Key/Mnemonic.

What does the 'capacity' of a Candidate/Masternode mean?

The capacity of a candidate/masternode refers to the 17K ZYN initial deposit as well as the total amount of ZYN the candidate receives as votes.

With these numbers on WethioMaster, how do I figure out between performing and non-performing nodes?

To do so:

  1. Visit WethioMaster

  2. Click on a candidate to open its page

  3. Scroll down to the 'Masternode Rewards' section. You will see a 'Sign number', 'Slashing history' under the Masternode Rewards section.

  4. Check the numbers provided in the section to determine a performing or non-performing node.

In each epoch, Masternodes can sign a maximum of 60 blocks. A performing Masternode initiates around 60 transactions in an epoch. Further, we calculate the rewards based on the signed transactions as well.

What should I understand with a 'checkpoint'?

A checkpoint is defined as a reward distribution parameter. For each iteration of 900 blocks (called epoch), a checkpoint is established after which the rewards are distributed among Masternodes and Voters.

For each iteration of 900 blocks (called epoch), a checkpoint block is created, which implements only reward works. The Masternodes are responsible to create blocks in sequential order, scan and verify all the created blocks in an epoch, and also calculate signatures.

Additionally, ZYN holders must be aware of the fact that those who have unvoted before the checkpoint block are not entitled to receive any shared reward in the Staking Reward portion.

How to stop running my node?

In case you want to stop running your node, follow these steps:

  1. Visit WethioMaster, the governance app

  2. Go to the candidate details page

  3. Click the ‘Resign’ button to resign and unlock your locked funds

One month post-resignation, you will be able to withdraw your funds. (1,296,000 blocks).

After these steps, your masternode will stop operating completely.


Network Status

Network Status on WethioMater provides essential information about various parameters such as what a current block is, its active time, the number of blocks in an epoch, and the next checkpoint (end of epoch).

Candidates List

Anyone who stakes sufficient ZYN to run a masternode gets placed in the candidates’ list including users who have resigned to run a masternode. A candidate can become a Masternode and earn rewards by becoming one of the 157 most voted Masternode Candidates. Voters will refer to this list to determine and select Masternode Candidates they wish to stake their ZYN for.

Tip: If you stake/vote any top voter masternode candidates, it might lower your rewards. It is because the rewards that are distributed to voters as per staked coins are inversely proportional to the amount of ZYN staked for a specific Masternode Candidate.


WethioMaster lets voters earn rewards by staking their ZYN for a candidate during the election of a Masternode Candidate. Voters who want to stake their coins for a masternode or masternodes to earn rewards can vote through WethioMaster.

  1. Visit WethioMaster

  2. Click the ‘Vote’ button.

It will redirect them to a page that enables them to cast their votes through staking with ZYN.


In case a voter wants to withdraw their support to Masternodes they’ve voted for, they can simply unvote them. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Click the ‘Unvote’ button visible next to a masternode's page

  2. Enter the amount of ZYN you want to unvote.

Warning: When you have initiated the ‘Unvote’ process, your ZYN will remain locked in the voting smart-contract for 48 hours before you can withdraw them.

General Information

General information about a candidate is easily accessible for voters from the top bar of a masternode’s page. With the information available, voters can decide between a performing and non-performing candidate.


Performance metrics about a masternode is displayed in the metrics section. This section can help voters analyze a masternode candidate if it is strong or weak.


The rewards section highlights an estimation of rewards a masternode is receiving. You can infer a masternode as weak if that masternode is accumulating lesser rewards in comparison to other masternodes.


Upon visiting the Voters section, you can find the list of all ZYN voters/staked who have voted for that candidate.


It gives a listed view of all the transactions associated with a specific candidate.


General Information

This section provides general information about specific voters.

Tip: Voters can use the General Information page to ensure that they receive their fair share of rewards


The candidates’ section has complete detail of all the masternode candidates in the election who have received votes from voters.


The section displays the details about the rewards a voter has been receiving.

Tip: For instance, you voted an equal amount of ZYN on a few masternode candidates. If you find one of them generating fewer rewards, it suggests that you have staked for a non-performing masternode. Then, you may consider changing your vote.


The section displays all the voter’s transactions.


Network Provider

Select the network provider you want to use for WethioMaster. You can select any one from Metamask, Wethio Testnet, Custom Network.

Account Infos

The section displays information about the public address and ZYN address for the users.


Anybody with ZYN coins can visit this page and apply their candidacy for masternode.


Perform easy search activities for a candidate or voters by entering their addresses in the search bar available at the top of the page.

Tip: The search feature won’t work if the input you have given is not an address


Understanding WethioWallet and how to download it?

WethioWallet is Wethio's official mobile wallet that stores the ZYN native coin and tokens issued on Wethio. Among other features, it enables users to participate and vote in the Masternodes election, as well as track rewards.

You can download the WethioWallet from your Android and iOS devices and Web Application.

Android Download | IOS Download | WethioWallet Web

For what all the tokens/coins do WethioWallet provide support?

WethioWallet provides support to ZYN, and all tokens on the Wethio platform, including ZRC20.

How do I create a ZYN wallet and what are the options?

Creating a ZYN wallet is an easy process. You can do so by using the iOS app, Android app, WethioWallet Web, MyEtherWallet, or Metamask.

Creating a new wallet on WethioWallet

Follow these steps to create a new wallet on WethioWallet:

  1. Launch the app

  2. Click on “Create New Wallet”

  3. Save the 12-word recovery phrase to restore your wallet in case you forget or lose your password

You can also protect your wallet 1. Click on “Settings” 2. Create passcode

Once done all transfers from your wallet will require confirmation with a passcode.

Receiving ZYN

  1. Click on the “ address” button enables you to

  2. Receive ZYN either by sharing your wallet address or your QR code.

You also get the provision to create a QR- code requesting a certain amount.

Send ZYN

  1. Click on the "Send" button

  2. Use either recipient's QR-code or enter their address manually to send ZYN

Does WehioWallet enable users to vote on WethioMaster?

Users can use WethioWallet to vote/stake on WethioMaster and participate in the Masternodes election.

How can I keep track of rewards after voting?

Both the voters and masternodes can keep track of their rewards earned from staking by directly checking from the WethioWallet.

How do I import my Private Keys/Recovery Passphrases into my WethioWallet securely?

  1. Launch the app

  2. Click on the “IMPORT YOUR WALLET” button.

  3. Now, you can select a wallet with your private key or recovery passphrase to import. You can also use the "view only" mode.

Here, you only need to enter your address to monitor actions. However, you cannot send any transactions in this mode.

How do I create a backup of my wallet?

  1. Visit the WethioWallet

  2. Click on the 'Setting tab' on the top left corner,

  3. Press the 'backup wallet' button

  4. Write down/ scan the QR code of your private key/ backup phrase.

How can I ensure the protection of my WethioWallet app?

WethioWallet enables you to prevent from executing unauthorized transactions by letting you secure the app with a password. The feature requires you to authenticate the access every time you launch or conduct a transaction on the WethioWallet. You can enable this feature and protect your wallet from the Settings section.

TIP: To make sure you use the feature, check that you are using an updated and latest version of your WethioWallet.

How do I prevent hacks and keep hackers away?

WethioWallet has two parts - one is a public key and another is a private key. It stores the private keys directly on the device. It enables you to see your private key in the following formats:

  • Private key - It is an unencrypted collection of asynchronous numbers and letters used to unlock access to your address on various blockchain platforms

  • Mnemonic phrase - Easy to remember, Mnemonic phrase consists of 12 words to secure your private key

Important Note: No authentic service should ask you for your private key address. If anyone gets access to your private key, the wallet could no longer be in your control and you may end up losing all the funds.

What should I do if I have lost the backup?

To prevent such a situation create multiple copies of your backup and store them safely. Any valid backup consisting of your private key or mnemonic will lead you to the most current state of the wallet.

Note that at WethioWallet, we do not possess access to your wallet or your private key in circumstances. We might fail to help you recover your backup in case if you have lost your device or backup. Hence, you must ensure that you store your backup(s) in a safe and secure place.

Can WethioWallet enable me to access cold storage wallet in 'view-only' mode?

Yes, you can access cold storage wallets like Ledger, KeepKey, or any other device using the WethioWallet 'view-mode' functionality. To ensure that action can be committed inside the wallet, we ONLY import a PUBLIC KEY. It means that nobody can transfer assets out of the wallet or access it in any way. It only enables you to check how your crypto portfolio is performing while having your private keys stored in a safe place. The following are the steps to do it with WethioWallet: 1. Access the WethioWallet 2. Select 'import a wallet' 3. Choose 'import your public key' -> Paste your address -> Import

Is it possible to switch my existing wallet app like Metamask, MyEtherWallet, etc. too?

Yes, it is. For that, you need to first export private key/recovery passphrases from your existing wallet app, and then, import it to WethioWallet.


General Questions

What is WethioScan?

Wethioscan is a block explorer for Wethio. If you have used EtherScan, then you can easily get along with WethioScan as it works quite similar to EtherScan.

WethioScan is the block explorer for Wethio that offers an intuitive, detailed, and user-oriented user interface. It establishes transparency among users in the ecosystem by enabling them to view and read information related to all blocks, finality, transactions, smart contracts, dApp, and token information.

What does TxHash mean? How can I check a TxHash?

TxHash refers to 'transaction hash', and we also call it a transaction ID.

Here’s how a TxHash looks like: 0xf3340558c8ec86fde9416f984568aaf0859ef20f1ed74a2c3099fb34142cacfe

You can check TxHash with the below steps: 1. Access WethioScan 2. Go to the search bar using the magnifying glass icon. 3. Paste your transaction hash (TxHash) in the search bar. 4. Click ENTER and your transaction details will show up.

Example: https://explorer.wethio.io/txs/0xd72c58a4af74fc84750acc79817a53f462e3f39c2c702df52a6e03620c9d2722



WethioScan homepage

It is the homepage of WethioScan for users. The middle section of the page has a search bar that users can use to find anything by its address. Below the bar, general stats are visible that provide information about the total amount of accounts, tokens, contracts, and blocks.

Upon consulting a single transaction, the page shows the following information in a tabular format- The transaction's ID (Transaction Hash) - Status - The transaction containing blocks

  • Age - Sender’s address - Receiver’s address - Amount in ZYN - Gas used - Gas price

  • Total gas cost - The transaction data

Here’s what various terms related to transaction denote:

All transactions: All the transaction executed on the chain

Sign transactions: Signed transactions produced by the masternodes.

Normal transactions: Transactions generated by user accounts.

When you click on an account, the following information shows up on your screen: - Account balance in ZYN - The ZYN USD Value - Account transactions count - Account transactions - The mined blocks - Account events - The gained rewards of the account for each epoch.

Here’s the list of accounts on Wethio:

All accounts: The list of all the accounts that are active on the chain. The page displays the following information: - Account rank (in order of balance) - Account address - Account balance in ZYN. - Account transactions count.

All masternodes: The list of all the masternode accounts that are active on the chain. The page shows the following information: - Account address - The masternode name of the account - The masternode owner of the account - The masternode status of the account - The masternode latest signed block of the account.

Verified Contracts: The list of all the verified contracts that are active on the chain. A contract must be manually reviewed and verified by its owner for it to appear here. The page displays the following information: - Account address - Contract name of the account - Account balance in ZYN - Account transactions count - Contract verification date of the account

Below is the list of the tokens on Wethio including ZRC20, and information about their transfers.

The page displays the following information in a tabular format:

The list of all the tokens available on the chain. The token address (hash) - The token name - The token symbol - The token total supply - The token decimals - The token transactions count

All the tokens transferred on the chain. The page displays the following information in a tabular format: - Tx Hash or Transaction ID - The transaction age - Sender’s address - Receiver’s address - Value in the token - The token name

When you click on a token, the page will display the following information - The token name. - The number of token holders - The number of transfers made with the token - The link to the official site. Please, note that WethioScan is constantly updating as well. You may find some links missing - The official contact address - Number of decimals - Useful links - "Filtered by “: You can use the option to check a particular transaction of an address. In this example, you can check BigBom tokens all the transactions conducted to another address.

Above is the list of all the blocks on WethioChain. The page displays the following information in a tabular format: - The block height (index) - Age of the block - The block number of transactions - The block creator - The block total gas used - The block finality


It is the percentage of the network which validated this block. 75% is the threshold, upon reaching it the block enters its finality state while getting added permanently to the chain.

When you click on any transaction, the page shows the following information in a tabular format: - The block height (index) - Age of the block - Number of transactions - The block hash - The block parent hash - The block creator address - The block finality - Total gas used - The global pre block gas limit - The block extra data

The "Transactions" tab shows a list of transactions in a particular block. The "Signers" tab shows a list of masternode that signed this block.

Note: Readers and users must be aware that WethioScan is constantly updating and thus, is subject to go through necessary changes. Do write back if you have any queries or suggestions. Your feedback is much appreciated

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