A Platform for Innovation

We have launched Wethio as a public blockchain to promote innovation through its network. The blockchain will act as a foundation for developing decentralized projects applications using Zynecoin.

Audiences Wethio Blockchain is suitable for

With the aim to provide its users the ability to innovate, Wethio blockchain can be used by tech-savvy individuals or companies. Wethio is the ideal blockchain for entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions seeking to build performance-driven, feature-packed projects on an enhanced EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-compatible platform.

EVM Compatibility

The Wethio blockchain is fully compatible with EVM. It is a one-stop platform that boasts a feature-rich design to fulfill users’ privacy, speed, usability, and liquidity needs. Wethio adheres to all the necessary protocols to handle internal state and every computation on the platform in an organized manner. Additionally, the EVM compatibility of Wethio ensures that it can handle account information pertaining to addresses, balances, current gas prices, and block information.

Robustness - PoSV and Double Validation

Wethio’s underlying technology is robust featuring complete decentralization. Its Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus incentivizes ZYN holders and encourages them to take part actively in staking across a network of 157 high-quality Masternodes. The PoSV consensus also enables them to monitor the performance of Masternodes and governance. Our staking-governance Dapp WethioMaster is the staking platform that promotes transparency. Wethio endorses the Proof-of-Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus. It features a PoS-based blockchain protocol that guarantees heightened security with uniform probability eventuality to ensure fair and transparent voting. The consensus adds a few novelty factors to the Wethio ecosystem such as Double Validation, Randomization, Speed, and Efficiency. The double validation and randomization enhances security and reduces the risk of a blockchain fork and handshaking attacks.

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