Getting Connected

This section will take you through the process of connecting with the Wethio platform to perform various activities such as checking balance, moving tokens and staking via WethioWallet and Metamask.


Guide to set up and use WethioWallet

Step-by-step process

1. Create Wallet

2. Making transactions from WethioWallet

Using the “Send ZYN” feature users can send ZYN or other Wethio tokens to another wallet

Note: To add convenience to users for sending ZYN, WethioWallet has a QR code integrated into its mobile platform.

3. Transaction History

All transactions are saved in the WethioWallet in a neat and clear tabular data form. Just click on the Transactions tab to view.

4. Private Key And Mnemonic Details

On Wethio wallet’s left hand panel, you can view your address and mnemonic phrase/private key (based on the method you chose to login).

Connecting with Metamask

Guide to how to connect MetaMask to the Wethio network

Before beginning, install the MetaMask extension on your browser and agree to the MetaMask Terms of Use to create an account. Now follow the below steps:

Following are the network details to notice when you connect with the Wethio network through metamask

Wethio Testnet

a) RPC url - b) Network Id - 79 c) Explorer Url -

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